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Heating Services

At GAFF Plumbing and Heating we offer a wide range of central heating services. If you are asking yourself 'what is wrong with my boiler' give GAFF Plumbing And Heating a call and we will solve the problem. All our engineers are competent in boiler repairs and diagnostics, so you can be confident we will repair your boiler.

We are experienced in both vented and sealed systems.

Some of the other services we offer include,

  • Hive, Nest and any wireless home smart device installation.

  • Fault finding, diagnostics and repairs on heating controls and wiring centres.

  • Heating leak detection and repair.

  • Radiator replacement.

  • Radiator valve replacement.

  • Re-route or extend/reduce heating systems, by either adding/removing radiators or shortening pipe runs where possible.

  • Vented cylinder replacement.

  • Unvented cylinder installation and replacement (all our engineers hold the G3 qualification)

  • Cylinder thermostat replacement.

  • Immersion heater replacement.

  • Immersion heater thermostat replacement.

  • Feed and expansion tank replacement, repair or maintenance (including ball valve replacement/repair),

  • Thermostatic radiator valve retrofit/replacement.

All works will be completed to part L (Energy Efficiency) of the building regulations.

Call now on 07415460990 for a free estimate

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