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Ideal Logic Plus boiler exchange in Bexley

Inefficient Ariston Microgenus

On a recent visit to a customer in Bexley we came across an ageing Ariston Microgenus. This boiler had managed 15 years but was now leaking from the divertor valve and plate heat exchanger. It had also developed a mind of its own, turning the heating on at random moments and was only delivering hot water when the flow at the tap was reduced.

After discussing cost of repairs it was decided it was not cost effective to repair this boiler and we were asked to install a new Ideal Logic Plus with Magnaclean magnetic filter.

The old boiler was removed and the new Ideal Logic Plus was installed within the same day leaving the customer to have a proper shower with the shower turned to full.

On this particular install the customer already had Hive heating installed which meant there was no need for any extra energy saving devices and the installation met the new boiler plus legislation.

Goodbye Microgenus
Hello Ideal Logic Plus
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